CCTV Systems have an excellent record in deterring crime. They can provide you, your staff, students, patients and your visitors with peace of mind.

Advances in technology allow system installs to be cheaper and easier than ever. Our systems have the ability to be viewed remotely wherever you are in the world, over the internet and on your smart phones and tablets.

The network is completely secure so that only you can view the images being recorded, across a range of devices.

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Our IP CCTV Systems support modern technology, from megapixel HD CCTV, to Intelligent Video Analytics with hybrid support for Analogue Systems.

    Benefits of IP CCTV are:
  • Cost - IP CCTV can be used over an existing internet connection, reducing installation costs.
  • Convenience - you will have the ability to view your CCTV network from any location.
  • Additional Cameras - Cameras can be easily added to the existing network.
  • Remote assistance - we can remotely access, to resolve any technical problems.


HD CCTV is a new broadcast quality technology that will enable the CCTV industry to bring HD quality images to their customers.

Unlike IP CCTV, the existing coax infrastructure can be used, no new cabling is required to upgrade from analogue to HD.

The UK has a huge existing infrastructure of coax installed and it is only now that by using HD CCTV that this coax can be utilised to bring high quality HD images into the world of CCTV without huge costs involved to upgrade to IP.

Why use Concept Fire & Security?

Not only do we have many years of proven experience specifying and installing the most appropriate systems and making sure they work, we are also completely independent. That means when it comes to recommending equipment, we don't have any hidden agendas and we are not pressured into pushing one product over another.

Our criteria are simple and open: what's best to protect you, your people and your premises is what we will specify and install.

To ensure reliability and ongoing spares support we work with some of the most respected equipment suppliers in the industry such as HikVision, Dahua, Paxton and Advanced Fire.